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So, why should you be using askMabel?

The search engine will match and fine tune the results of your searches directly to your topic and the age group of the older internet user.

This means that most of AskMabel's results have a higher quality of content and relevance as preference is given to results containing the content directly relating to the older person.

Results can be fine tuned by relating your search term to one of the search categories. I.E. Health, Finance, Retirement, Leisure, Travel, Homecare, Mobility, Dating and Topical News.

The interface has been designed to be super-clean with presentation easy to understand and read, including large font and useful buttons like 'clear search term'.

Latest topical news relevant to the age group is manually and automatically updated daily with headlines shown on the left of all results for your convenience.


Happy browsing!

The wise lady serving the the best results
to the more discerning, mature person
as well as the young at heart!


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      Welcome to Ask Mabel - a tailored search engine for the mature user

Matching and fine tuning the results of your searches directly to your topic and the age of the older internet user

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